Zombie Puppet (zombiepuppet) wrote in insectnation,
Zombie Puppet

Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra

Bill will be performing his latest show, featuring a 72 piece symphony orchestra, at the Royal Albert Hall, London on October 15th and 16th 2008.

In order to be eligible to buy tickets in advance of the public sale, we will be asking fans to pre-register their interest in buying tickets for these shows.

The pre-registration will be open for the next seven days until 5pm on Thursday 24th July.

On Monday 28th July those that have registered will receive an email from us containing a special code word which will allow you to buy tickets over the internet via the Royal Albert Hall website or from their box office.

To register your interest NOW, go to:


Please register your interest as quickly as possible. Thank you very much for your ongoing support.
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